Cancellations and refunds

Can I cancel my purchase order?

You may cancel your "unconfirmed" order within One Hour of placing your Purchase/Rental order by clicking on the "Cancel Order" link in your order summary. Any cancellation requests after your One Hour cancellation period has expired are not guaranteed but you may contact your seller(s) directly to request that your order(s) be cancelled. If the seller(s) has already shipped your order, you can review our return policy to return your book(s) for a refund.

Why was my order canceled?

Our marketplace model means that at any given point in time, thousands of different booksellers are competing against each other to deliver you the best prices possible on your textbooks. Due to overwhelming demand for textbooks at these prices, sometimes a seller may sell out of an item before we can remove that item from our site. Together with the sellers we work hard to minimize cancellations caused by these errors. 

When will my refund show up on my bank statement?

Refunds will post to the account you used to place your order within 2-3 business days after the refund has been initiated, depending on the particular bank involved.

For orders cancelled before they shipped, the pending authorization on your account will simply disappear.  You will not see a charge and refund for orders cancelled before they shipped.