Payments and fees

What type of payment methods do you accept?

At this time we only accept debit/credit cards as payment.

What happens if I don't return my rental on time?

All rentals must be postmarked by their return date. If they’re not, you’ll automatically be charged a 15-day extension fee. If the rental is not returned within this extension period, you will be charged the purchase price of the book. At that point in time you will become the owner of your rental book. If you fail to pay these late fees, your account will be sent to a collections agency.

Please note: if you need more time with your rental, simply log into your ‘ My Account’ page and extend your rental period. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

What happens if the book becomes damaged during my rental period?

If your books are lost, stolen, or damaged during your rental period, you'll be charged the list price of the book minus the initial rental fee.


If ValoreBooks is unable to charge your credit card for a period of 30 days, your account will be sent to a collections agency and charged an additional collections fee.

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