At the end of a long semester it can be tough to remember exactly which rental came from where. Here are some tips to figure out which of your rentals came from ValoreBooks and to make sure you return them to the right place!

1) Check your ValoreBooks order confirmation email

Search for emails from with the subject line “ Order Received.” Your confirmation email with contain your order number and a summary of all the items contained within your order.

2) Log in to your order details page

Using your order number and last name, you can log in to your order details page to view your order summary and check on the status of any purchases or rentals. To locate a rental, look for the purple "Rental" callout below the item summary. This is where you can find and print your free rental return shipping labels and packing slips. Just be sure to follow the instructions for each rental, since not all rentals may be returned to the same location.

3) Contact us with any questions

If you can’t find your order number, you can go to your account page and click on the “I don’t know my order number” link for further assistance.

Or you can contact us directly. We’re always happy to help!