To protect against damage in transit, please follow these guidelines when packaging your sellback items:

  • Place your items flat inside the box. If you are sending in books, place the books inside the box with the spines facing inward. If all of the items in your order fit, sturdily, within one box, great! If you are pushing the limits of your box, or exceed our maximum weight limit of 70 lbs, please split your order into multiple orders. That way you'll get a different prepaid shipping label and tracking number for each box.
  • Use ample packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or crumpled paper. Use these packing materials to fill any empty space in and around your items. It is recommended that you use at least two inches of cushioning material for each item in your box.
  • Before taping your package closed, shake it and make sure nothing rattles or slides inside.
  • Seal your package closed with reinforced tape.
  • If you are uncomfortable with packaging your item yourself, consider having your items professionally packed at UPS.

Note: ValoreBooks is not responsible for damage, including water damage, that your sellback items incur during transit. If you wish to insure your sellback items, you may do so at your own expense.

IMPORTANT: If you have multiple sellback items within the same sellback order, these items can be shipped in the same box as long as the package does not exceed 70 lbs. If you have multiple sellback items in different sellback orders with ValoreBooks, please send each order in a different shipment. Each order has its own unique packing slip and shipping label, which must be used to ensure proper tracking. Payment may be canceled or significantly delayed if your items are improperly packed, exceed our weight limits, or if the packing slip is not included for each order.