The process of selling your used books through ValoreBooks is fast and simple:

Print the pre-paid shipping label and packing slip provided by ValoreBooks:

    • Find both in your account or in the sellback confirmation email

Prepare your items for sellback:

Pack your items tightly and securely in a box or padded envelope to protect items during shipment. If you are selling back multiple items, they can all go in the same box! Just make sure you don't exceed our 70 lb weight limit:

  • For tips on how to pack well and avoid damage in transit, click here

Place the packing slip you printed in Step 1 INSIDE the package with all your sellback items:
  • Shipments that are received without a packing slip may not be processed

Seal your package with tape and remove any pre-existing labels or stickers

Tape the pre-paid shipping label that you printed in Step 1 securely to the outside of your package

Drop your package off at a convenient UPS Ground location


  • Please do not send in items that you do not own, or that you have rented from ValoreBooks or another rental provider. ValoreBooks is not responsible for rental late fee charges related to these items.
  • If you have multiple sellback orders with ValoreBooks, please send each order in a different shipment. Each order has its own unique packing slip and shipping label, which must be used to ensure proper tracking. Payment may be canceled or significantly delayed if your items are improperly packed, or if the packing slip is not included for each order.