Many students sell their textbooks back to their campus bookstore for the convenience and instant payment that the campus bookstore offers. However, there are many shortcomings when it comes to selling back to the campus store: sellback prices may not be the best; sellback dates are usually limited to the end of the school term; the bookstore hours are limited; the bookstore can usually only buyback a limited number of titles and quantities per title; and students may often have to wait in long lines to get their cash. The majority of campus bookstores also refuse to buy textbooks that are missing CD's and other supplemental materials.

With ValoreBooks, students can enjoy a number of advantages over the campus bookstore, including: higher sellback prices for their books; instant price quotes; ability to sell back at any time of day or year; ability to sell back a wider variety of titles; and ability to sell back multiple copies of the same book. To make it even easier for students, ValoreBooks provides students with a prepaid shipping label in order to send in their sellback items for free.