How does the ValoreBooks Low Price Rental Guarantee work?

At ValoreBooks, we offer a low price guarantee on all textbook rentals! If you find a lower price on an identical product, we will match that price within 7 days of your rental. For a price match, simply contact us. Please include the textbook ISBN, price, and the name of the qualifying web competitor in your request.

Which companies’ prices do we match?

We will match the rental price of any of the following companies:


How do ValoreBooks coupon codes and/or promotions factor into your price match policy?

When calculating a price match, we’ll deduct any available ValoreBooks coupon codes and promotions from the ValoreBooks price to arrive at a net price. For example, if you rent a textbook from us for $50 and we offer a 5% off coupon code, the net price is $47.50. If another company’s price is $47.50 or more, we will not match the price. Another example: if you rent a textbook from us for $80 and we offer a 5% off coupon, the net price is $76. If another company’s price is $70, your price match would be $6.

Are delivery charges included in the price match?

Yes. When we compare our price to another company’s price, we will also compare our shipping and handling fees to their shipping and handling fees to make the price comparison as fair as possible. If the other company’s shipping and handling fees are not supplied, we will add $4.99 to the other company’s price for matching purposes.

Will you provide a price match if the web competitor doesn’t have the item in stock or states that quantities are limited?

No. Sometimes a web competitor will advertise a low price for a product while having only a limited supply of the textbooks. We reserve the right to verify that our web competitor has the product in stock at the low price.

About our pricing

Although we make every effort to avoid errors, we aren’t responsible for typographical errors. Our prices may vary based upon your order and delivery location(s). Prices and the availability of items are subject to change at any time. We reserve the right to limit the quantity sold including the right to refuse sales to resellers. We reserve the right to cancel or limit any purchase made contrary to the terms of any offer, discount, promotion, coupon, or that otherwise is not in compliance with our policies or applicable state and federal laws.

Are there any exclusions?

We don’t match service prices, including but not limited to delivery. We don’t match other brick and mortar retailers or items sold on internet auction sites or at local or special events (e.g. grand openings, closeouts, clearances, liquidations, anniversary sales). Also we won’t price match taxes, typographical errors, or special offers from a publisher.

Note: We reserve the right to reject any price match that can’t be verified by proof acceptable to us at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the Low Price Rental Guarantee at any time without prior notice. Any modification will be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Low Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions on