Ordering books on ValoreBooks is easy:

  1. Search by ISBN. Searching by ISBN is the best way to get the exact book edition you’re looking for.

  2. Consider each book's condition. The majority of textbooks and books on our site are used. If you don’t need a new edition, we suggest that you purchase a used book to save money. Our sellers offer millions of used textbooks and books at significantly reduced prices.

  3. Read each book's comments. All of the sellers in our marketplace list detailed descriptions of each book they sell. View each book’s comments to see more information on the condition of the book, including whether the textbook has extensive highlighting, notes, and/or is missing any access codes or software.

  4. Buy from a reliable seller. Click on the seller's name to view that seller's ratings and feedback from past customers. Buying from a Marketplace Seller who has been rated highly by other customers will ensure that your book buying experience will be a positive one.

  5. Note the shipping location of your seller. Clicking on your book seller's name will also allow you to view the seller's shipping location. You can expect that the closer the seller is to your address, the faster the book will arrive.

  6. Choose priority mail. Priority mail is only $3.00 more than standard mail and will allow you to receive your book(s) much faster. If you absolutely need your book by a given date, please choose priority mail.

  7. If you have questions, contact the seller directly. If you have a question about a book before you buy it, please feel free to contact the book's seller directly using the links provided on the product page. Once you’ve placed an order, we make it easy for you to contact your seller at anytime with questions specific to your order. You may also contact your seller after your item has been shipped to request tracking information. Please allow sellers up to 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to respond to inquiries. To contact your seller, log in to your account page using your order number and click the "Contact Seller" link next to the relevant item.

  8. Allow emails from ValoreBooks. Some email accounts have spam filters that will filter out unrecognized email. If you don’t receive any confirmation emails from ValoreBooks.com after you’ve placed your order, please check your spam folder. To ensure that you receive all future notifications about your ValoreBooks order(s), please add noreply@info.valorebooks.com and noreply@orders.valorebooks.com to your address book.

  9. Leave feedback. After your order has been completed, we encourage you to leave feedback about your seller and your ValoreBooks experience. Your feedback is critical in helping us continue to improve our customer service.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us directly!