Shipping Sellback Items

How should I package my items?

To protect against damage in transit, please follow these guidelines when packaging your sellback items:

  • Place your items flat inside a box or padded envelope.
  • If all of the items in your order fit within one box, great! If you are pushing the limits of your box, or exceed our maximum weight limit of 70 lbs, please split your order into multiple packages. Include the order ID or a copy of the packing slip with each package.
  • Use packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or crumpled paper. Use these packing materials to fill any empty space in and around your items.
  • Before taping your package closed, shake it and make sure nothing rattles or slides inside.
  • Seal your package closed with reinforced tape.
  • If you are uncomfortable with packaging your item yourself, consider having your items professionally packed at UPS.

Can I ship multiple sellback orders in one box with packing slips?

We advise our sellback users to ship each order separately to avoid any delays in processing your orders. Please make sure to include the packing slip for all boxes shipped.

How do I print my shipping label?

ValoreBooks provides prepaid shipping labels and packing slips for all sellback orders. These labels can be found by logging into your account page and clicking "Print shipping materials", or clicking on the "Print shipping materials" link in your sellback confirmation email.

Please note that items should be shipped in within 7 days of the order being created, and prepaid labels will expire after 14 days. If you wish to still sell your items but your prepaid label is expired, we encourage you to create a new order and use the new label that will be created. 

Note: We currently do not accept sellback orders from military installations stationed overseas.

How do I track my Sellback order?

You can locate your tracking from your account page. The tracking number will appear in the top right of your order page.

You will receive an email once your order reaches our warehouse, and another once the the items are accepted or rejected. Sellback orders typically reach us within 2 - 7 business days, depending on the part of the country from where they are shipped.

Is my Sellback package insured?

Sorry, your Sellback order is not insured by UPS or ValoreBooks.

If you would like to insure your package, you may do so at your own expense. Please remember to package your items securely.