About Sellback

Why should I sell my books through ValoreBooks, rather than the campus bookstore?

Many students sell their textbooks back to their campus bookstore for the convenience and instant payment that the campus bookstore offers. However, there are many shortcomings when it comes to selling back to the campus store: sellback prices may not be the best; sellback dates are usually limited to the end of the school term; the bookstore hours are limited; the bookstore can usually only buyback a limited number of titles and quantities per title; and students may often have to wait in long lines to get their cash. The majority of campus bookstores also refuse to buy textbooks that are missing CD's and other supplemental materials.

With ValoreBooks, students can enjoy a number of advantages over the campus bookstore, including: higher sellback prices for their books; instant price quotes; ability to sell back at any time of day or year; ability to sell back a wider variety of titles; and ability to sell back multiple copies of the same book. To make it even easier for students, ValoreBooks provides students with a prepaid shipping label in order to send in their sellback items for free.

How does ValoreBooks determine the Sellback prices of my items?

ValoreBooks is an online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers across the country. This means that when you sell your book on our marketplace, you're taking advantage of thousands of bids from thousands of buyers all competing with one another to offer you the best price for your item. Your Sellback price, in turn, is determined by the following factors:

  1. The current marketplace supply and demand for your item, which may change from month to month.
  2. The condition of your item is in good condition. Please see our acceptable item qualities guideline.

Do you buy study guides?

Yes. Please be sure, however, that the study guide meets the grading criteria. If your study guide does not meet the grading requirements, we will be unable to issue payment.

Do you buy loose leafs (binder editions)?

Yes. However, please make sure all pages are present. Our logistics center will discard any binder your ship the loose leaf in, so please keep it if you'd like! You can either shrink-wrap or just wrap the item in a rubber band to keep all pages together.

Do you purchase International, Teacher or Instructor editions?

Sorry, ValoreBooks does not purchase International, Teacher, Evaluation, or Instructor editions.

Be sure to accurately provide your textbook's ISBN when creating your sellback order. The correct ISBN can be found on the back right hand corner of your textbook. If there is a sticker covering the ISBN, please remove it and enter the actual ISBN printed on your book.