At ValoreBooks you can sell used textbooks, phones, tablets, video games, CDs, and DVDs. But before selling back your stuff, please ensure that each item meets our quality standards, which are described below. Once your sellback items arrive in our warehouse we will evaluate them to ensure that they meet these quality standards. Items that do not meet our standards may be rejected for sellback or subject to a price quote revision.


Textbooks that exhibit any of the following characteristics will not be accepted for sellback:

  • Severely damaged book cover, binding, or pages
  • Missing or ripped pages
  • Water damage
  • Excessive writing or highlighting
  • An ISBN or edition that is different from the ISBN or edition that was quoted*
  • Tampered ISBN
  • Missing CDs or discs (if required)
  • Fraud

Please do not send in books that you do not own, or that you have rented from ValoreBooks or another rental provider. ValoreBooks is not responsible for rental late fee charges related to these books.

*Note: Some books have multiple ISBN numbers listed, so it is critical that you input the correct ISBN number that corresponds to the book you are selling back in order to receive an accurate quote. If there are stickers covering the ISBN on your book, please remove them.

Cell phones and tablets

When selling your iPhones and iPads with ValoreBooks, you will be asked to specify the condition your device is in:

  • Broken: Your iPhone or iPad doesn’t turn on or has physical damage that impacts functionality. For example, a broken or cracked screen, missing buttons, or other broken or cracked hardware, such as charging ports or casing.
  • Good: Your iPhone or iPad shows normal signs of use. In other words, the item is in great working order but shows minor cosmetic wear. Your item has no cracks or missing buttons.
  • Flawless: Your iPhone or iPad looks like it's never been used. There are no scratches or other noticeable flaws.

Important: Please be sure to backup your data, erase all personal information, clear any and all user locks, and deactivate your cellular service before shipping in your iPhone or iPad. For more information on how to prepare your electronic devices for sellbackclick here. If the condition of your item does not match the condition specified on your sellback order, or your device is not appropriately deactivated, your price quote may be revised or rejected.

Games, DVDs, and CDS

When selling back games, DVDs, and CDS, please ensure that:

  • All items are in their original case and include the original artwork
  • All items are in good working condition

By participating in the sellback program, you represent and warrant that you are the lawful owner of the products you are selling back, and that those products are free and clear of any lien or encumbrance. ValoreBooks will not issue payment for any sellback items that it receives and determines to be counterfeit, fraudulent, or stolen.

NOTE: ValoreBooks is not responsible for items that are damaged in the mail. To protect against damage while in transit, including water damage, we encourage you to pack your items safely and securely. Check out our packing tips for more information.